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TR Social Programs

Social Programs (TR)

The Rockford Park District wants you to get out on the town and be social!

Be Social

The Therapeutic Recreation team’s social programs provide adults and teens an opportunity to hang out with their friends, and make some new ones! Events take place at Rockford Park District facilities as well as out in our community.

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Teens on the Town

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Teen social club

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Teen Winter Break Camp

We are bringing camp to winter break! Winter Break Camp will offer a fun and safe place for teens to engage in a variety of recreation, leisure, and social activities. Get out of the house and come join us for some fun indoor and outdoor games, arts and crafts, dancing, karaoke, and much more!

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Peer Play

After School Program

This after school program provides an inclusive opportunity utilizing the Youth Achievement YMCA Program as it's main source of fun. Participants will make new friends while participating in the following activities: arts and crafts, health and fitness, active games, and playing on the playground. Participants will also be given the chance to spend time on their homework and a daily snack will be provided.

Participants should use Sunrise to get to the site, and parents/guardians should pick-up at the site between 5:00- 5:30pm. Program offered following the 205/122 school district calendar.

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