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City of Gardens

City of Gardens

Hanging Basket Program

Nearly 300 hanging baskets are currently being grown at local growers to adorn the poles of Rockford. The Rockford Park District Foundation’s City of Gardens program is preparing for its 18th year of hanging baskets throughout the city of Rockford. The program has blossomed from just 18 baskets in 1999, to nearly 300 baskets that beautifully line our downtown and surrounding area streets and bridges in the summer months.

With more expansion in the future and rising production costs, we cannot continue this beautification without support from people like you. The Hanging Basket program is primarily funded through donations from this appeal, the annual Wine & Roses fundraiser, and through Comcast Cares Day cleaning efforts. Your tax-deductible donation offsets the cost of planting, hanging, maintenance, and watering of each flower basket. As we plan for the expansion of the Hanging Basket program, your donation is even more vital.

Studies continue to show the benefits of flowers and beautification. They create a sense of civic pride, enhance our mood, and provide overall enjoyment. This program continues to make Rockford a great place to live, work, and play. Cheers to warm weather, sunshine, and planting pride in our community. I welcome a conversation with you about your investment in beautification or ideas for expansion of the program. Please call me, Kelly Moore, at 815-987-1689.

Thank you for your continued support and planting pride in our community.

Ruth A. Miller Beautification Award

In the spring of 2013, this award was created to honor Ruth A. Miller upon her retirement, for beautification contributions to the Rockford Park District, City of Gardens committee, and City of Rockford. Throughout Ruth's career, she was a civic leader for the Rockford community who was proud of her community, and sought to continually improve its appearance and image. She provided motivation that encouraged others to join together and create enthusiasm for community beautification. With Ruth's leadership, the City of Gardens hanging basket program expanded, beautification initiatives increased, and two America in Bloom awards were received.

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