Snow Park at Alpine Hills: Now Open

Rockford Park District’s Snow Park at Alpine Hills, 4402 Larson Ave., Rockford, offers mountains of fun in the heart of the city! Snow Park at Alpine Hills will open for the season on December 21, 2017, weather permitting.

Snow Park LogoA four-foot base of snow was needed for the five-acre snow park to open. “We have been making snow whenever the conditions were right, and now the park is ready for winter fun! We can’t wait to see guests zip down the tube lanes or grab a snowboard and hit the terrain park,” said Becky Stokes Lambert, Operations Manager.

About Snow Park at Alpine Hills

Snow Park at Alpine Hills is divided into separate tubing and terrain park sections designed to accommodate riders of all abilities. On-site snowmaking equipment will keep the snow park covered with fresh snow, and the Sno-Cat machine will help maintain perfectly-groomed hills. The handy surface lift brings tubers and boarders to the top of the hill, so more time is spent riding down, and less time hiking up. Tubes are provided on site, as no outside tubes are allowed. Limited snowboarding equipment is available to rent (first come, first served).

Hot and cold beverages, as well as snacks, are available at The Lodge, and fire pits located at the top of the hill provide warm relief from the cold outdoors. Birthday party packages are available. The Lodge can be rented for a meeting, or the entire facility can be rented for a private party.



How Is Snow Made?

At Snow Park at Alpine Hills, snow machines are used to make fresh snow. Sometimes, instead of a flake, water crystalizes as a grainy, compact pellet. These little BB-sized balls are called “graupel” snow, and are caused by melting and re-freezing. This is the type of snow made by the machines at Alpine Hills. Snowmaking machines are placed at the top of a slope, and then spray small water droplets into the air while exposing them to a nucleation particle, so they freeze as they fall through the air.

Here are the three main components needed to make snow:

  1. Water - A pond on site helps supply the water needed. Most systems use 200,000 gallons to cover an acre with one foot of snow.
  2. Temperature – Ideal snowmaking conditions normally happen when the temperature is in the 20s or below
  3. Humidity - Atmospheric humidity must also be just right, or the graupel snow from the machines will either melt to water, or evaporate


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